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Fill the gap between different business cultures

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Business Support

From simple market research to setting up a branch in Tokyo.
Our experts will support you starting up business here in Japan.


Printed matters, Advertisement, Website, Promotional Videos..
Choosing the best tools and concept are crucial.

There  are  more  than
SUSHI, Geisha or Fujiyama

People worldwide are now getting to know that there are all sorts of individuals in Japan. 
However, there is still confusion about differences in business practices and the language barrier still persists.

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  • Business Support
  • Production

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Latest Projects

Developing a framework

"ONE-STOP" services to overseas business.
We aim to provide you practicable advices before you start dealing with different business culture.

Poupelle of Chimney Town exhibition

Realization of Japanese art exhibition abroad

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Live printing service

Launching corporation and/or new services in Japan

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Marketing planning, sales support.

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The Vincent van Gogh Atlas (Japanese version)

Agent activities between Dutch and Japanese Publishers and Van Gogh Museum

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Panasonic VARICAM 35 demo video

Production of demo-video used at overseas events

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We are d.code

We want to fill the gap rift between different cultures, languages, 
and business customs in a way as if we were cracking codes. 

This idea is embedded in our company name, d.code.

Since we established our offices in Amsterdam and Tokyo 18 years ago,  
we are taking a role of a bridge between Europe and Japan in a variety of fields that we are good at. 
For example, a role as a copyright agent (artworks, books, video footage, exhibition etc.), 
marketing & production of the various types of communication tools.

[ Tokyo Office ]
d.code Japan Co. Ltd.
19-15 Oyama-cho, Shibuya-ku
151-0065 Tokyo, Japan
tel. +81-3-4405-6220
mobile +81-80-4679-6050
Yugo Ikeda (Mr.)

[ Studio ]
3-18-15 Nakamachi, Setagaya-ku
158-0091 Tokyo, Japan

[ Amsterdam Office ]
d.code Europe
Straat van Makassar 8
1183 HA Amstelveen
the Netherlands
tel. +31-(0)20-3411120

tel. +81-(0)80-4679-6050
fax. +81-(0)3-6800-2990







d.code Europe
Straat van Makassar 8
1183 HA Amstelveen
the Netherlands


・Marketing research
・Sales of rights and works such as illustrations, books, TV programs, including import / export of these
・Coordination, translation / interpreting of TV.programs
・Planning and realisation of events
・Correspondent activity of Japanese News agency
・Planning of advertisements and promotional activities
・Designing and realisation of advertisement and promotional activities
・Planning and realisation of communication strategies
・Designing, realisation and translation / writing of books, magazines, Videos, TV.programs, CD-ROMs, Websites

VAT no. NL8501.74.119.B01
K.v.K no. 51793083 Amsterdam

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d.code Europe
Straat van Makassar 8
1183 HA Amstelveen
the Netherlands

tel. +31-(0)20-3411120


d.code Japan Co., Ltd.
19-15 Oyamacho, Shibuyaku
151-0065 Tokyo
tel.  +81-3-4405-6220
fax. +81-3-6800-2990